Light Up The Night
Let me be the first to rave about something truly unique and fabulous. One of my dearest friends, Kyoko Nakamura, has been slaving away in her Brooklyn abode for almost three years to launch her accessories line. But before we start there, let me back up to how it all began.
It was Spring of 2007 at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and all the prevailing Electronica DJ's were performing. Using glowsticks and some tulle, an opaque fabric, Kyoko sewed a dress just for the occasion. In crowds of tens of thousands, many party-goers would catch sight of her, walk over and stare at the glowing dress, as Kyoko swayed to the music. The dress was a success, to say the least, and she has been designing "glow in the dark" fashion ever since.
Now, Kyoko is ready to introduce her accessories. Glowing or not, they are so beautiful and hip for daywear, a night out, or even a night in as lingerie. The dresses and other apparel are coming soon, and this shopaholic cannot wait to be one of her first customers.
Chan Tran Huth
Journalist & Blogger
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